The Fantastic Jen Page!

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I got to hang out with actress/model/wonderful artist person Jen Page at the Kill Doctor Lucky shoot a while back, and she’s really interesting! I love the mermaid prints she’s been doing—especially this one of Ariel as Sea Queen. I’m told she went down to the beach to do the shoot, and there was this fabulous driftwood throne just waiting for her. Nice! I love how she takes her basic modeling shots and transforms them into gorgeous fantasy prints—the driftwood throne was apparently not actually underwater when they took the pictures…(really?)
I’m also grateful to her for pointing me at Faerie Magazine, a lovely publication that I went straight home and subscribed to. It’s so very pretty…
Jen is all over the Kill Doctor Lucky videos, the character short for Janet Principle (that I’ve linked at the top of the post) is my favorite!

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