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We do have an armory

I am a member of the Scribblers’ Den. This might not seem like something to brag about. After all, until just this very moment, you’ve probably never heard of Scribbler’s Den. Still, when I say “I’m a member of Scribblers’ Den,” I am bragging, and I should. It’s something worth bragging about.

The internet is a strange place, fraught with more dangers than Winterfell. A quick trip to the comments section of any random YouTube video should be enough to inform you of the trolls that lurk in the dark corners of the web. And let’s not get started on internet dating sites! Yikes. As the old maps used to say, here be dragons. And yet, across the cold, distant deserts of cyberspace, there exist havens where conversation is polite and faces are friendly. Scribblers’ Den is just one of those places.

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