Tea and Chocolate

Good morning dear Reader. Have you had your cup of tea (or coffee) yet? May I recommend an English breakfast and a Haighs soft centred dark chocolate? That’s what is sitting next to my computer now. Perfect way to start the day.

You have most likely twigged to my love of tea and chocolate, amongst other things. There’s a dead giveaway in my tagline:
Chocoholic and tea lover.

succulent tea pots_copyright2014KarenCarlisleThis month I have been posting daily photos of my ever-growing tea cup and mug collection on twitter. (I haven’t even started on my tea pot collection. My Dearheart said we had no more room in the house for them so most now have new homes in the garden as succulent containers.)

For those without twitter, you can find all of the photos on my Pinterest page – Receptacles for my Tea. I’ll share some of my favourites with you:

When I need a major pick me up or want to indulge, I drink from my purple and gold plated T2 cup. It is perfect paired it with the octopus tea ball, an anniversary present from my Dearheart.

29 my favourite combo_copyright2015KarenCarlisle

I found the next two in local opshops. The first is one of a set, delicate and very pretty. The second is more robust, part of a one-teapot set. It brings back fond memories  of my trips to Paris and Florence.

27 Tea and Haighs_copyright2015KarenCarisle 25 paris and cake_copyright2015Karen Carisle

30 to finish up_on my wishlist_copyright2015KarenCarlisleFinally, the photo I shared on twitter this morning. I don’t own this set –  yet. It is on my wishlist. I’ll have to get one before the ABC shops close – or pay extra in postage.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos on Pinterest. You can also find inspirations, photo hints and event for The Adventures of Viola Stewart series and my work-in-progress, The Department of Curiosities.

I must bid you adieu. My tea is going cold.


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1 Response to Tea and Chocolate

  1. stephaniesokol says:

    Lovely teacups! You have a great collection.

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