There is Always Room

Drei SchittbucherHi. My name is Karen and I’m a bookaholic. I find it almost impossible to pass a book shop without at least taking a peek at the treasures inside. This week my copy of Drei Schnittbucher – via Kickstarter – arrived. I jostled the books in the Renaissance and Costume bookshelf. Just enough room. Sort of.

Then I remembered; this weekend the local Oxfam Bookshop had a sale.

So, we already had piles of books sitting in the corner of the room? So, we have books two deep in the bookshelves and stacked horizontally in the spaces above them? They would get lonely if we didn’t. There is always room for more books…

bookshelf stainWe prepared early for the inevitable influx of ‘new’ preloved books – bought some pine from the local hardware store, rummaged through the shed to find the woodstain left over from the front room extention, so the shelves would match the existing door frames.

bookshelf staining DaveMy Dearheart stained the wood over the past two weekends. The trick was to find a sunny day warm enough for the stain to dry.  This week we installed them above the doors in the hall and the lounge room.

Problem was they were already being filled by errant shelf-less books before we even made it to Oxfam!

bookshelf 1 up

Yesterday’s haul included some H G Wells and Agatha Christie. I’m well on the way to completing the sets. My Dearheart and daughter bought their own stash of books.

books oxfam 2ndhand book sale_copyright2015KarenCarlisle

I have more reading delights in store. Where will I find the time? Sigh.

Now the shelves are groaning. Just ignore the newly created piles of books in the corner. They are just biding their time…

There is Always Room was originally published on karen j carlisle

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