It’s National Bookshop Day!

It’s National Bookshop Day.

Despite the choruses of doom last decade, the  book is not dead. And neither are the purveyors of reading pleasure. According to this ABC story “Australian bookstores are still going strong” – and I am glad. Give me a paperback to shove my dog-eared bookmark into any day.

I love bookshops. That won’t an earth shattering revelation. I love big bookshops, with aisles of tomes, elegantly displayed for easy access. I love cramped cupboard-shops with barely room to move as I hunt the wobbly stacks for that one great find. Paperbacks, hardbacks – it doesn’t matter. It is the excitement of not knowing what I will find, and knowing that when I do it will bring knowledge, entertainment (and) or joy to a dreary day.

There are three things my Dearheart and I do when we travelled overseas:

  1. Sample the local chocolate
  2. Visit local bookshops (my favourite was the one in the crypts of San Lorenzo Church in Florence where I purchases a book on the archeological excavations of the Medici crytps) and
  3. um… let’s just stick to two.

There is more to a good bookshop than the stock that lines the shelves.  Usually the staff are book-lovers as well, ready to help you find your perfect read.

Here is my book stash acquired this weekend, both new and preloved.

new books 2ndhand

Some bookshops had giveaways (Cabin in the Woods was from Dymock’s ‘free pick box’); others had raffles to celebrate (I am hoping to win one of the book hamper from Dillon’s books).  We even visited Oxfam’s bookshop where I scored a 1873 copy of Ivanhoe to add to my colletion.

There is still time to visit your local store this weekend. Enjoy.
Viva la librairie!


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