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Ged Maybury :: Steamed Up

There are millions of them already and more appear every day. The internet seethes with Inspirational Blogs About Writing.  Seems that every writer, wannabe writer, self-published writer and writer’s cat is writing a blog right now, telling you how to write more/faster/betterer and win contracts and influence readers and make millions like they have/are going to … soon … once their affirmations come true.

So I’m not going to add to this global crisis. I’m not going to share the secrets of my success, or tell to how to ‘build better characters’ or ‘grab reader’s attention’ or ‘constantly annoy all your friend on Facebook with yet another post starting “Woo-hoo! Big News! My book has just sold another x copies!”.’

Nope. I’m going to tell you a story that I hope will offer you a different kind of insight.

There is this writer I know. She started small, as most…

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