Photo Wednesday – Cos Bits Photoshoot #1

There is a new haberdashery store in Adelaide. Cos Bits caters for costumers (and non-costumers). It is hidden away in a paved city lane – quiet but well known to locals – right next to The Pancake Kitchen; you cross the lane, walk through the yellow door and climb the stairs to find yourself above The Penang Restaurant.

I was asked to do a photo shoot on opening day. I also took the opportunity – a recky for possible sites for future shoots planned for The Department of Curiosities. The building dates from the late nineteenth century. Beyond the store are hidden staircases and rooms seemingly untouched since the 1880s. Lots of potential. (Happy dance.)

Back to the store…
Cos Bits supplies buttons, beads, braid and much more – “specialising in fancy sewing and costuming supplies to suit every whimsy – fine supplies for the wickedly creative

You can find them on Facebook – watch out for more of my photos there. Also check out their FB banner – one of the photos taken on the day.

CB_beadskeins_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015 CB_bookboxes_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015 CB_Bricabrac_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015 CB_Justine9845_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015 CB_coffeebreak_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015  CB_clock_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015CB_yarn_copyright_KarenCarlisle_2015All photos (c) 2015 Karen Carlisle.

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