Of Book Launches, Blog Posts and Radio Interviews.

What a busy week!
I sat biting my nails and refreshing the web browser, following my shipment of books as it worked its way across the entire continent of North America, the Pacific Ocean and had a little holiday in Honolulu.I prepared myself for various celebrations leading up to the weekend’s festivities.

Firstly, my guest blog post at Steampunk Coffeetime Romance or More.  The post was scheduled almost a week ago but, silly me, forgot to ask what US timezone the blog resided in. More nail biting. Eventually the post popped up on my feed.

radio interviewNext came an invitation, quite out of the blue. Did I was to be co-interviewee for the Steampunk Festival on ABC radio on Friday night – talking steampunky stuff? Was that opportunity knocking, or what? Yes, I said. I just had to figure out to slip in a plug for my book.

More refreshing of web pages ensued.  (I felt like I was on an episode of Big Bang Theory – hoping to get tickets for Comic Con. Oh, the pressure!) Finally the package hit Australian shores, slinking into Botany Bay – three days later than the re-scheduled expectations.
Or did they?

I have learned that the tracking I have been so diligently following is not the actual package, but the paperwork. (huh?) So I steeled myself for a book launch, brandishing my lone proof copy as, well,  proof that I did indeed have a book to sell.


The day had arrived. Eighteen months of writing, editing,designing and organising had brought me here – The National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide. (I got to play on the trains!). My friend James Murray – well-known local steampunk and costumer – opened the proceedings. I read an excerpt from Doctor Jack. (I hope I was not too shaky; I don’t do well in crowds.) Thank you, James.


Over thirty people (I was too nervous to count) listened to my reading.

My contingency plan: free postage for those who purchased the copies I am currently waiting for. I sold them all. Thanks to my friends to supported me and took photos and to those who purchased books. I sold all the copies I am currently waiting for and will taking orders today.

10429470_10153339148884911_3461936921195284569_n (1)

You can purchase copies of The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1: Doctor Jack and Other Tales from Amazon.

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  2. Don’t you wish we could have had the same trip your book consignment enjoyed?

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