Steampunk Fairy Catcher Remake

Convention season is upon us. My plans to finish my Queen Victoria costume have been foiled (something to do with a writing frenzy). All is not lost. I am well on the way to completing my alternate project – the revamp of my Steampunk Fairy Catcher.

My first effort of The Fairy Catcher was in 2011, with the first revamp in 2012, with my Explorer/Steampunk Scout Mistress as its base.

2011SMALLER original fairy catcher gun

I wasn’t quite happy with either incarnation. Quite by chance, in 2013, I found a toy water gun in a garage sale. Thus was created the Pump Action Fairy Eliminator. This inspired a new version of the outfit.

The first task was to alter the long sleeves of the explorer/scout uniform. This should make this outfit more comfortable to wear (cooling me down during hot flushes). As I have no spare material from the original costume construction, I planned to use the the remaining sleeve material to make the cuffs. My biggest obstacle was mustering the courage to cut the sleeves. Remember to measure twice (or, in my case, four times) and cut once. Two weeks later…

remake 1 mark up sleevesc Remake 2 cut sleeve Remake 3 sleeve finishedAcc fairy repellentNext, a few new accessories to add to my pith helmet: protective netting, a new hat band and floating quarry. It is all in the details. Add my original accessories: can of Fairy Repellent, fairy net and comfy boots. The entire outfit will be revealed next week.

Oz ComicCon, here I come. Will I see you there?

Camp NaNo update: 60% revisions completed.

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