The Adventures of Viola Stewart: Three Short Stories.

Thanks to Michelle Dennis for this lovely write up.

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Karen Carlisle is due to release three exciting short stories of mystery and adventure! I’ve been flicking about on her website and Facebook, eagerly awaiting news of a cover reveal… and here it is…


A steampunk adventure, of sorts, the short stories are based around Viola, a female optometrist with an eye for investigating.

1. Day of the Dirigible – a train, a dirigible landing AND a mysterious stranger.
2. An Eye for Detail – peril, a murder on the gaslit streets of London, secrets and Viola Stewart – a GREAT recipe for adventure!
3. The Magic Lantern – Lord and Lady Hearst have disappeared! While enjoying the latest entertainment, the Magic Lantern Show, Viola joins Dr John Collins in the investigation – why should men have all the fun?

Don’t these stories sound intriguing, and fun? I can’t wait for publication.

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