Canes: A Steampunk Perspective

Ah the secrets that can be hidden inside a cane! I love using this

Cogpunk Steamscribe

When I was a child, my granddad used to tell me that there were special farms for growing walking canes. I don’t know if he meant to play a joke, but I imagined fields of green cane with curly tops, waiting to ripen and harden and then be harvested for market. I have never really gotten over my attraction to canes in all shapes and forms. I never was naughty enough to receive a caning at school, so all my experiences with canes have been positive.

Ophthalmologist Medical Cane from the website. Ophthalmologist Medical Cane from the website.

Imagine my delight to discover that in the Victorian era, canes were used to secrete items that a gentleman or gentlewoman might not like to parade about in public. Doctors were sometime attacks for the drugs or expensive implements they carried, or a gem merchant for his goods. But if they were hidden away in a cane, an…

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